So, come, stay a while, leave your shoes at the door, and your sweet escape will never end.

Welcome to Pinecrest

Luxurious estates on acre lots with views of the endless sea
From the air, it might not look like much. Perhaps it looks like an otherworldly forest made up of lush treetops and sun-soaked terracotta. There are crystal-blue pools and asymmetrical roofs barely peeking through the canopy. It can be difficult to make out where the pathways between buildings even lie, like the sort of view you’d get during a flyover above a tribal village in Panama. Yet, once you’ve touched down, a new story begins to emerge — one of decadence, tranquility, and untroubled attitudes. The hidden oasis of Pinecrest offers all who stumble upon it an aura of acceptance and a spot of well-deserved respite. The days here are filled with seagull calls and spiced with the taste of champagne. Then when the night has come, and The Falls hums, your frets and fears simply melt away. So, come, stay a while, leave your shoes at the door, and your sweet escape will never end.
From the staging area for the Overseas Railroad to the birthplace of the Parrot Jungle and Gardens, which was later renamed the Pinecrest Gardens, the village’s history is relatively short but surprisingly dense. For residents eager to expand their mental horizons, they’ll be pleased to find that there is no shortage of fascinating historical sites throughout Pinecrest to learn from, such as the nearby Charles Deering Estate or Gold Coast Railroad Museum.

What to Love

  • The coastline’s wide array of water-related sports and activities
  • Intriguing historical significance 
  • The peaceful design of the village’s design with sprawling canopies and spacious residential blocks 
  • A neighborly and respectful atmosphere 
  • Nature-focused amenities 

Local Lifestyle

The people in Pinecrest are neighborly, but they also understand how to respect one another’s privacy. This fact was hammered home by the South Florida Business Journal, which deemed the village one of the top ten locations to live in Florida for the best quality of life. Another factor contributing to this friendly air is the village’s thoughtful city planning, which gives each resident a rather comfortable amount of space. These large single-family, detached homes dot the region’s vivid landscape and gently peer through the dense, green canopy overhead. Lots throughout the area often cover an acre of land or more. Capaciousness is certainly a virtue of Pinecrest. While your drink might need a top off, your elbows will, thankfully, never long for more room.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Dining experiences throughout the Pinecrest village can take you on a delicious journey around the world, whether you’re craving the incredible French cuisine of Atelier Monnier or the Vietnamese seafood dishes perfected by Pho 79. Maybe, instead, Sea Siam can send you directly to the coasts of Japan. After your pit stop in Japan, it's full-steam ahead to India, where Saffron Indian Cuisine guides your tastebuds through a series of mouthwatering, modern interpretations of classic Indian dishes. Perhaps you’d prefer to stay a bit closer to home. Apizza Brooklyn can offer you and your closest friends some of the best pizzas and finest wines in town. No matter where you decide to refuel, each meal will leave you with something to remember.

Things to Do

Whether you’re in the market for finding a densely-packed shopping center like The Falls or Dadeland Mall, the Pinecrest village boasts a near-endless supply of local amenities to accommodate your every need. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a place to hone your athletic skills or boost your physique, the Coral Oaks Tennis and Wellness club might be just the spot for you. When you want to take friends or family out for a pleasant afternoon surrounded by nature, the Pinecrest Gardens are sure to entertain everyone. Before you head home, you can gather up a small haul of fresh treats from the park’s farmer’s market to fuel your entire week.


Beneath this leafy canopy, children grow and play, yet no childhood is complete without an avenue for education. The Miami-Dade Public School district serving Pinecrest has you covered. A handful of the village’s schools are:  

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